Monday, July 22

The Most Interesting Tidbits From the Tech World

There are some fascinating tidbits in the tech world. Firefox’s logo isn’t a fox – it’s a red panda! And Google, the search engine, was originally supposed to be named Googol – the number one followed by one hundred zeros – but it was shortened to Google. Increasingly, we are becoming suspicious of technology. It’s not uncommon for people to develop phobias, especially when it comes to computers and technology. Some people even fear being without their mobile phone.

There are more than 6 billion people worldwide who own cell phones. Yet only 4.5 billion people have access to working toilets. Apple released the first computer to have a GUI and mouse. Before that, all computers were text-based. Lisa stands for Logical Integrated Software Architecture. It was also the name of Steve Job’s daughter. Despite its controversial past, some of the most fascinating tidbits in the tech world are worth remembering.

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