Saturday, April 13

Technology Trends for 2022 – What’s Next for SMBs?

If you’ve ever wanted to know what the future holds, then you’ve come to the right place. Accenture recently released a report, Technology Trends for 2022, which describes fourteen important technology trends that will shape the future. These include: AI, blockchain, and virtual reality. We will live in a world that is increasingly interconnected, and we’ll see artificial intelligence (AI) and synthetic content convincingly mimic the real world. In short, the future will be shaped by authenticity.

This report identifies the technology that will continue to influence the way that companies conduct business in the coming years. Among them are: smart devices (sensors, cameras, etc.), autonomous vehicles, and edge computing platforms. These all relate to the digital transformation of infrastructure and industry. These new innovations will also continue to impact how cities operate, including smart cities. And, of course, they’ll continue to affect how we live.

Keeping up with the latest technological advances is important to stay competitive and shape the digital journey of your business. In 2022, disruptive technology trends are sure to inspire new feats. Facebook, for example, is bringing the concept of a “metaverse” to life, and other tech giants are keeping up with this trend as well. It’s no wonder that many of these technologies will be available soon, so it’s important to stay abreast of them now.

Immersive technology is becoming more than a fad for gamers. Immersive technologies are also helping businesses increase their revenue. As VR and AR technologies become cheaper, many SMBs are using them. According to a recent survey of US manufacturers, VR and AR will contribute $537 billion to the US economy by 2030 and $1.5 trillion globally. So, what’s next? Get ready to make your life easier by keeping up with these exciting technologies.

Remote working capabilities are an essential aspect of digital transformation. Increasingly, remote working capabilities and cybersecurity will be essential for SMBs. Moreover, small businesses will have to adapt to new technologies because of their perceived cost barriers and lack of understanding of the benefits. But while this isn’t the only technology trend coming in, the trends will shape the future of businesses. The global economy is constantly evolving, and it’s important to keep abreast of the latest developments.

The evolution of the gig economy should also continue. Using AI to automate mundane tasks will improve productivity, cut costs, and improve compliance. AI also can help improve the quality of decision-making. And, it will continue to be a boon to small businesses, allowing them to improve their own financial insights. Ultimately, artificial intelligence is likely to become a part of small businesses in 2022, and we’ll see it everywhere.

Blockchain is another important technology to look out for. Blockchain is a type of decentralized database that allows businesses to keep track of transactions and do business with unreliable parties. Its capabilities are append-only and immutable, and it helps avoid conflicts of interest between companies. Blockchain is also compatible with emerging technologies like IoT. The future holds big opportunities, but small businesses may struggle to keep up. So, it’s essential to stay abreast of emerging technology trends.

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